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Adobe Ranch

Adobe Ranch is a long time dream come true.  AR is made up of myself, Jessica (Small) Buckler, my husband, Phil, and our two daughters.  I spent my more formidable years helping on the farm with the hay, cattle, and on the road at shows and sales. My parent's farm, Arch Acres, has been raising longhorns since 2000. It is important to Phil and I that the girls have those opportunities available to them as they grow. 

When given the opportunity to own cattle ourselves we jumped right in! We are just starting out our herd and will be keeping it small but full of quality cattle for breeding to Arch Acre's fantastic herd sire, Jest Hangin' Tuff who was 84" TTT at 32 months! 

When we create ads for other breeders to put their farms in the limelight it is important to get it right as we know how much we value our own cattle. 

Thank you for reading and please let us know if we can help you market your farm or ranch!


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